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The school is located at Patli (Gurugram). A vibrant techno savvy school with an ultra modern campus caters to the needs of new generation learners. Beautifully designed classrooms, state of the art infrastructure and a child friendly atmosphere provide a safe and stimulating environment to the young learners. The bricks and mortar it is built with binds the unifying spirit and the palpable energy one can feel as one enters the portals of this great institution.

The school represents the transformation of education globally. Driven by latest research, the school uses innovative teaching methodology with special emphasis on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, sports and communication skills. Values form an intrinsic part of the curriculum. We strive towards building a positive attitude in our students and encourage them to appreciate diversity. Familiarizing the students with our rich and varied heritage, they are encouraged to value traditions and learn to do the right things exhibiting socially responsible behavior. Our endeavor is to transform young minds into future leaders ready to take their place under the sun.


To establish a vibrant and modern India. To free the society from illiteracy. To free the youth from unemployment and make them internationally competitive. To fit them into the knowledge based society. To make them self-disciplined. To develop a global outlook and broad mindedness in them.


To impart knowledge with values and ethics. To provide job oriented education. To prepare the younger generation for a better future. To improve the capabilities to face the competition. To add to the fund of existing universal knowledge. To provide social justice by extending educational facilities to the socially backward.