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CCTV surveillance is of great importance in school, keeping in mind in our campus there are 80 day and night CCTV are working. Also all school buses equipped with CCTV and GPS

It acts as a deterrent to anybody with mal intent.

It supplements the security guards since it is inhuman and thus never tires or loses focus.

It helps in monitoring and keeping track of activities taking place in school premises.

It helps to identify and capture any intruders or offenders.

It allows for maintenance of an effective access control so that only authorized persons access the school thus making it easier to keep the entrances and exits of a school secure.

It helps in keeping a watch on valuables and appropriate use of resources within the school.

It is useful in organizing evacuation in case of emergencies and reducing the response time when planning security drills.

In the event of any vandalism or theft, it is a useful tool in protecting the school property and identifying the perpetrators.

It can be used to keep track of attendance of students, teachers and support staff alike, along with ensuring they are all doing their work efficiently.

It helps in keeping a watch on the teachers  methods of teaching and punctuality.

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Darrell S. McClain

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Waves Music

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